When State of the Art is not enough:
Spectroscopic X-Ray Imaging · Micro Tomography · Algorithms 

We provide science and industry with access to the cutting edge of X-ray imaging technology.

In close collaboration with academic research institutions and the leading manufacturer of next-generation photon-counting X-ray detectors, our mission is to make the advantages of this technology available to you, as a service, right now.

No need to wait until everybody, including your competition, can buy it off-the-shelf. No need for large investments to be the deciding step ahead.

Our areas of expertise:

  • True spectroscopic X-ray imaging
  • Micro-Tomography of difficult samples
  • CT-reconstruction algorithms of unparalleled quality

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We are curious to hear about your challenges with the current state of technology, and we are happy to negotiate attractive offers, especially for academic research and innovative enterprises!

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